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USB Radiator For Valve Index Cooling Heat VR Headset

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USB Radiator For Valve Index Cooling Heat VR Headset


USB Radiator Fans especially designed for Valve Index,which can minimize the heat generated by VR equipment,and keep the player in a cool gaming environment,and ensure the service life of the Valve Index headset

Adjustable wind speed

The Valve Index USB Radiator can be adjusted with two wind speeds. According to your needs,you can play intense games in hot weather or slow down inquiet games.

Highly matched appearance

The Valve Index radiator has a concise and beautiful appearance, which is coordinated and integrated with the visual and VR equipment and high matching degree with Valve Index VR

Easy to install and remove

The Radiator is easy to install and remove,you only need to insert the USB connector in to the VR interface,then insert the radiator on the VR,and finally click the switch on the radiator to use

  • Compatible Brand: Valve Index VR
  • Compatible Model: Valve Index VR
  • Size: 104.8*24.1*49.3mm
  • Package: Yes
  • function: radiating


1*USB Radiator Fans and 1*User Manual