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Pet Retractable Traction Rope Upgrade Type Dog Walking Leash Dog Chain

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Pet Retractable Traction Rope Upgrade Type Dog Walking Leash Dog Chain

1. The front-end lighting adopts high-brightness LED lights and a Fresnel lens design to produce a light-gathering effect in a very small space, so that the usable lighting distance can reach 3 meters.
2. The wearable design is perfect
3. The innovative ring design can be transformed into a wearable bracelet when you need it. Compared with the first generation, the improved grip design provides a better grip.
4. The environment for walking the dog is changeable, and it is hoped that the emergency situation can be quickly locked. We innovatively place the lock button in the palm of the palm. In an emergency, we can use our instinctive grasping action to lock it at a very fast speed.
5. The use of high-strength elastic band* effectively relieves the super-high tensile force at the moment of a dog burst, making burst control extremely easy.
6. Through optimized design of structure and materials, the second-generation traction rope can withstand a maximum static tension of 90KG, which is up to 80% higher than the first-generation traction rope.
The 7.3M total rope length achieves a delicate balance between free movement and controllability.

Product information:
Material: ABS
Product category: traction belt
Color: cherry powder, neutral gray
Charging method: usb
Rope length: 3m

Package Contents:
1*Telescopic traction belt

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